How Social Media Can Boost Your Career

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When it comes to social media, there are two ways it can go. It can either hurt or help your career. We all know how easy it is for social media to harm your career. A tweet taken out of context, pictures that never should have been posted online, but how can it help your […]

The importance of time for yourself

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Sometimes, assumed trivial things may have a huge impact on how we perceive joy and ease in our daily lives. A common theme among many of my clients is the lack of own time beyond the activities conditioned by expectations on us by others. The modern life is full of hectic schedules and busy days. We often find ourselves playing […]

How to keep your calendar from overwhelm

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When it comes to life many people are often faced with being pulled in hundreds of different directions: meetings need to be scheduled, tasks need to get done, and that’s just the beginning. When you add in clients, family, and personal time it is easy to see how you can easily fall into overwhelm and […]