Are You an Opportunity Magnet?

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Are you an opportunity magnet?To which degree are you attracting opportunities to grow professionally?

Are you among those waiting for other people to step forward and ask you to act, or are you positioning yourself towards opportunities on short as well as long term?

Today’s social media tools enable us to listen to the market and communicate with potential employers, customers and business partners in a new way:

You can tell your story, share your passion and demonstrate your professional reputation as perceived by others when leveraging social media effectively.

Social media, such as LinkedIn, is increasingly becoming your arena to attract your next professional opportunity. It takes some initial investment in time to shape up the profile and learn the specific DOs and DON’Ts with the various tools.

The investment pays off very quickly when other people start finding you and you may get introduced to opportunities you never knew existed.

So, by whom do you want to be found, and what is your next step to get started?