You want to remain seen as a cutting-edge leader enabling your team to get results that make a difference and strengthen the employer brand.

You are looking to excel at attracting, motivating and retaining key employees beyond expectations. You are struggling to get results due to budget restrictions, a busy calendar as well as strong competition in the marketplace. You and your team are expected to manage better with fewer resources, and you are aware that your key employees are being approached with highly competitive offers or are looking for other job opportunities.

You want to motivate and enable your employees to take more responsibility and position themselves as recognized experts and employer ambassadors in the marketplace. As your calendar is very busy, you find it difficult to embrace the new opportunities in front of you to coach your team effectively and you are struggling to stay on top of new technology to ensure an effective digital positioning for your employees which is perceived as engaging and motivating on the individual level whilst still supporting the overall company strategies.

You are looking for help to create and implement an effective digital positioning strategy and coach your team in a busy environment to strengthen the employer brand.  As a former corporate manager, trainer and executive coach, I help you address your challenges by enhancing your coaching skills, train and position yourself and your team digitally as well as implement state-of-the-art employer branding strategies.

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