You want to be perceived as a cutting-edge leader when starting your own business and get into pole position as an emerging successful business owner, quickly establishing yourself as an authority standing out among other players in your niche.

You are looking to excel at attracting ideal business opportunities with customers and business partners and quickly assume the role as the “go-to-person” in your niche. You are struggling with a limited budget and overwhelm when it comes to information, number of opportunities and prioritization of activities when getting your own marketing, sales and delivery processes in place. You are under time pressure to generate revenue, your schedule is tight and won’t allow trial and error. You want to remain seen as cutting-edge by your former peers and new partners, avoiding the big blunders, more visible than ever in the digital age.

You want to demonstrate to your stakeholders that you made the right decision to leave corporate and start your own business by quickly generating results bringing you into the position you are aiming for. You are looking to learn from someone who recently made the same journey and can help you save time, money and effort in positioning yourself for business success. You want to be seen as a role model to others and continuously build your professional reputation online as well as offline.

You are looking for help to avoid the biggest blunders in the digital age and position yourself and develop your professional reputation effectively and quickly as an emerging, successful business owner. As a former corporate manager, trainer and executive coach, having positioned myself effectively in the marketplace as an entrepreneur, I help you strategize and implement the processes you need by developing your professional reputation, enhancing your social media skills and implementing well proven processes to quickly address your marketing, sales and delivery requirements.

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