Four insights and a strong belief

After 18 years in the corporate world, I left my manager position in December 2009 and started my journey to become a certified coach and run my own consulting business. My inner motivation to pursue more of what I enjoyed doing and was really good at had grown for a couple of years: I wanted to enable more leaders to make the most of their professional potential. I wanted to select my own customers and have the freedom to invest in inspiring solutions, solutions where I made a difference and could help more people assume leadership roles to attract more business opportunities and achieve significant results.

At first, I struggled to find my niche, mainly because I was new in my role, but also because I needed time to understand what made me a unique service provider. I’ve always loved technology and knew technology was going to be an important component of what I wanted to enable my clients to benefit from. I invested in a coaching modular tool, JigsawBox and the coaching game platform LifeVille in the summer of 2010 and shaped the way I deliver my offerings.

My strategy became clear: I wanted to become known as the technology enabling coach. I also found my first 20 out of 25 coaching clients via LinkedIn, so I knew I wanted to share my social media skills with the world.

Insight no 1
Technology Enablement and Social Media allow me to reach my ideal clients anywhere and I will.

In parallel, I got in touch with two Swedish pioneers within the area of personal branding who helped me analyze how I was perceived by my clients and previous colleagues. The result gave me the courage to become more visible online as well as offline.

I share the content of my personal brand analysis via social media to attract interesting opportunities. Today, I am proud to say that the two pioneers have become my JV Partners and we run several exciting joint missions.

Insight no 2
Understanding of Personal Branding and Professional Reputation Management is key to become bold to the world, I did. I will help my customers do the same.

During my career, I’ve been really frustrated to see so many people reacting instead of being proactive when looking for a job or positioning themselves for a great business opportunity. Looking back on my own career, I realize that I’ve had more than 12 jobs during my 18 years within 2 US based consultancy corporations, and I only applied for 2 of them.

My JV Partners already wrote a book called “Become Your Own Headhunter” in Swedish, and I could literally tick off that I had been my own headhunter for the 10 other jobs I had in the past.

Insight no 3
I act successfully as my own Headhunter, so can anyone else.

As part of my curriculum to become a certified coach, I have had the privilege to get to know great coaches who demonstrated that coaching is not a skillset nor a method only, coaching is a mindset and an incredible enabler to inspire people around us to create great results and contribute to their big WHY.

Insight no 4
Coaching skills have proven vital for my success and should be used to a much higher degree to improve people’s careers and lives.

These four insights form the basis for my offerings aiming at enabling leadership: Embrace social media – Elevate coaching skills – Excel as a leader.

Supporting these insights and guiding principles is my strong belief that

any person can become a leader, any person can assume a leadership role and make a contribution to something that really matters.

This, in contrast to having a busy job schedule with few choices and never-ending TO DO lists to tick off, is what constitute my big WHY in business and beyond. Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level and make a difference? Depending on your leadership challenge, feel free to sign up for one of my “Get Acquainted Calls” below, I look forward to help you excel as a leader!

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