Brave, braver, …

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Brave, braver, …I recently had the pleasure of concluding the coaching dialogue with 2 entrepreneurs. They are both willing to share their take-aways from our dialogue to inspire others to act.

Act in order to transform thoughts into brave, bold and beautiful actions leading to a successful business of their own.

It often strikes me that there are so many people thinking of dedicating their professional life to their area of passion, but fewer are able to actually make the bold steps to do so. What are the triggers, the keys, the motivational drivers bringing some people the results they are playing for whilst others remain thinking?

When I look around I can certainly recognize some of the characteristics of the brave ones…because it shows! The bravest and most successful entrepreneurs share their idéas widely, they talk about their passion using more than words and they involve people around them to help them succeed. So, a simple answer to the question above might be:

“They know what they want, they communicate clearly and they mobilize their environments in terms of family, friends, networks, role models…and suddenly they find themselves role modelling others. And…they have insights about their true, personal brand, their professional reputation as perceived by others.”

As a coach, it is a true privilege to be seen as a partner when the client is visualizing the goal, unleashing the potential, nailing the niche, brainstorming the way forward, experimenting and learning from inner resistance until progress is perceived as firm results. From my own experience, I know what it means to have knowledge about my personal brand in terms of niching my services,  communicating boldly and asking other people for support. That’s why I’ve made a decision to offer my clients the same opportunity by holding a license in the conceptual tool “You – A Brand” by Per Frykman & Karin Sandin.

What would it mean to YOU if YOU had explicit knowledge about YOUR professional reputation and could make reality to YOUR professional ambitions within YOUR area of passion?