Mastering the art of saying NO

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It’s just a two letter word, but it remains one of the most difficult words to express to many of us: NO. Do you have difficulties in using it sometimes when you know it is the right word to use? Are you so considerate to others that you wrap your “NO” into various vague arguments […]

Time to ask Yourself a powerful question

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As a coach, my role is to ask powerful questions, to challenge and enable my clients to gain insights, learn and make vital decisions in their lives. The answers might be easy at hand…or require a longer period to emerge as a result of our dialogue. One of my most effective questions is: “How do […]

What makes other people remember Your idea among others?

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Just a few days ago, I was invited by a friend to an event hosted by a government sponsored organisation supporting upcoming entrepreneurs. The event marked “the grand finale”  of  a 6 weeks workshop, allowing entrepreneurs to present and sell their ideas to an audience in 5 minutes only, followed by 3 minutes feedback. It […]

Brave, braver, …

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I recently had the pleasure of concluding the coaching dialogue with 2 entrepreneurs. They are both willing to share their take-aways from our dialogue to inspire others to act. Act in order to transform thoughts into brave, bold and beautiful actions leading to a successful business of their own. It often strikes me that there […]