Warm Connections Boost Conference Experience And Impact

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How advancing leaders prepare for conference attendance in the digital age When looking back at the conferences you attended over the last few years, how many of them resulted in long lasting business relationships, led to exciting business opportunities or initiated a totally new direction in your business? While some of us have the intention […]

Social Media Summer Clean Up Tips

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Now that it is summer time, you may find that certain aspects of your business have slowed down. Many people take this time to relax a bit and schedule a holiday or two. Because of this, you may find that it is an optimal time to use this down-period as the perfect opportunity to clean […]

Social Media – What is it and how can you use it?

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Social media is a term that is used often now-a-days, but it can be hard to know what exactly is meant by it. Simply put, social media sites are just web-based platforms that allow people and businesses to socially interact online. Some of the major social media sites to use are Facebook. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, […]

Got my personal brand; Now what?

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How to get everyone talking about YOU! Ok so you spent all this time and quite possibly money on branding yourself, building your website and making your profiles. You have a good solid foundation set up now comes the hard part. How do you get people talking about you? Searching your name on the top […]

Nothing new on the behavioral front

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I have really enjoyed giving speeches this season, not because the topic is new to me, but because I can see a trend shift in the audiences when engaging with them. It seems we are entering into a state where more and more people leave some old perceptions behind and start approaching the opportunities in […]