Learning Is A Game Advancing Leaders Cannot Lose

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Reflecting back at some of the most inspirational leaders that have influenced me so far, I can see that they were frequently looking for opportunities to master new skills, get better results, design their own journey and learn from experimenting. You might have recognized some of them yourself as they are constantly pursuing new insights and continuous development. They inspire us by teaching what they learn, adding tremendous value to those of us following.


But it was not until 2010 that I understood that my most inspirational leaders were playing games. Instead of pushing through in order to learn more, they were able to motivate themselves and others to learn in a fun and contagious waythat resembledgames, something we played joyfully and mastered naturally during our childhood.They were in fact,consciously or unconsciously, using gamification to advance in their leadership.

What is gamification? Gamification is defined as the use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts. It is used, among other things, to engage participants in solving problems, enhancing learning experiences, getting entertained, measuring success and establishing loyalty.

When it comes to enhancing learning experiences, it allows you to create meaningful goals, fine tune your skills, receive feedback, inspire others and share with communities of your choice. It is all about playing to win, and here is how you can implement gamification in your own advancement:

1. Set a stretch goal

You do not have to know exactly how you are going to accomplish this goal. It could be getting a new client, conducting your first webinar or getting a new speaking engagement. Be aware of the risk that your initial goal could soon get more ambitious!

2. Mobilize your environments

Who do you have to involve? Who can help you? Where can you engage with the people who can help? You will be positively surprised to see that most people want to help if they understand what you need and why.

3. Share the progress you are making in public

Engaging with others is key to making your goal a reality. This is when things start to happen in your game. You inspire others while at the same time getting inspired by other players yourself. The other players offer invaluable support and keep you accountable during the game.

As a student to the CoachVille Coaching Curriculum, Master Certified Coach Dave Buck introduced me to the world of gamification. His education was set up as games, and as a student, I assumed the role of a Player. Over time, I mastered new skills and got better results in a fun way! Since then, I have learned more about the various motivational factors that help us get results from gamification via Professor Kevin Werbach and his fabulous Coursera Gamification Course online.

When looking back at my own experience of playing games to enhance my learning, there are 3 key insights that have been instrumental in helping me understand the CONCEPT OF PLAY better:

  • Instead of pushing through and getting things done, I WANT TO move forward and explore options on my own and by involving others.
  • By sharing my game progress and findings with others, I find myself in a position to INSPIRE OTHERS to act and play themselves.
  • My game often becomes bigger than my initial goals as the game unfolds and I discover new and unexpected opportunities. PLAYING BIG becomes the default.

In fact, gamification is gradually becoming business as usual, and I recently decided to convert the upcoming, free of charge Virtual Leader Conference into a GAME, hosted by gamification expert and business partner, Carina Kindkvist. So, if you are curious about enhancing your learning and stretching yourself as an Advancing Leader, this is your chance to come join us September 15-21 and check it out for yourself…. Game on!


Virtual Leader Conference 2014: "Empowering the Advancing Leader in You"

Virtual Leader Conference 2014: “Empowering the Advancing Leader in You”

If you like this topic, you will love our #vlc14 Virtual Leader Conference game coming up September 15-21, 2014 where other speakers and attending Advancing Leaders are playing to inspire, learn and implement success strategies in pursuit of their next big thing as a leader. You are welcome to join us in the game on demand and free of charge via http://vlc14.katycaroan.com