What would it mean to you if you could mobilize your professional network to find a job you love or to build relationships with your ideal clients?

How would you feel if you were able to boost your professional reputation and your personal brand by leveraging your network’s full potential?

You will benefit from this learning experience if you

  • only use your current LinkedIn profile as a resume
  • feel resistance to becoming more visible to previous, current or potential employers/clients
  • want to significantly grow your network strategically
  • are interested in building more market intelligence know-how within your business
  • have expertise within your field that you are prepared to share with to a broader audience
  • want to position yourself in a way that leaves no doubt about who you are, what you can offer and who you would like to engage with

Are there any prerequisites?

-Yes – this learning and coaching experience is designed in a way that you need to have signed up for LinkedIn and entered your profile before the first coaching session starts.

Is this coaching program comparable to any other self-study or group coaching session on the market?

-Probably not. This is not a traditional HOW TO learn basic functionality class, this is a series of group coaching sessions using the concept of PLAY, the PlayTwoWin coaching method, best practices on the LinkedIn tool using the LifeVille infrastructure to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn experience. The PlayTwoWin method focuses on learning, sharing and challenging the comfort zone constraining us from playing BIG in life. And…it’s fun!

The coaching game is available upon request.

Contact Katy for more information on how to customize your next game!


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