As a member of the extended JigsawBox Ltd Team, Katy Caroan is a certified JigsawBox Success Coach, helping other JigsawBox account owners implement the tool successfully to quickly generate business results.JigsawBox is much more than a tool, it’s a modular coaching and training tool affecting the mindset of coaches, consultants and trainers to package up their expertise, reach more clients than they thought possible and sell more than their time.

Examples of JigsawBox based services and products are:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Self-studies
  • Group coaching programs
  • Forums
  • Licensing own content to other professionals

As a JigsawBox Success Coach, Katy Caroan helps clients get behind the technology and enable a flexible business model for generating regular as well as passive income streams.

Katy is an affiliate of JigsawBox and always follows up with professionals testing the tools via her affiliate link.

The JigsawBox tool and success coaching related terms and conditions are available via jigsawbox.com

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