This Signature Program of Katy is helping clients accomplish professional success through explicit knowledge about how other people view their strengths and professional uniqueness…and what their professional potential is really all about.As a licensee of Per Frykman & Karin Sandin in the analysis “Your Professional Reputation”, Katy offers a full coaching program including the analysis, feedback sessions as well as a comprehensive set of modules to inspire, challenge and hold her clients accountable during their professional endeavor.

The service provides a powerful combination of 1:1 coaching sessions, online coaching modules, and the personal analysis report over the course of 12-36 weeks.

The program supports professionals lacking passion about what they are doing in their job or who want to be recognized as masterful at what they do. The Signature Program helps clients stop wasting time and puts them into the driver’s seat of their career.


  • Access to personal coaching by Katy 1:1 during 6-18 sessions via Skype or phone
  • A unique analysis – “Your Professional Reputation”
  • Detailed tips and hints on how to bring new insights into the next professional endeavor
  • Attract new jobs or business opportunities by implementing own strategy and plan acting as a headhunter
  • Access to proven methods to build authority professionally via social media and in real lefe
  • Development of the personal skills required to become masterful
  • Accountability for higher success

The program runs over 3-9 months and is always customized to client requirements.

Contact Katy for more information on how to customize your program!


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