Katy Caroan provides a variety of inspirational speeches, lectures, workshops as well as coaching and training programs on Social Business Positioning opportunities for both individuals and teams.

Individuals hire Katy to develop a social business requirement analysis, to develop and implement a personal social media strategy and to acquire the skills needed to maintain their digital online presence.

Organisations and teams hire Katy to develop a social business requirement analysis, build skills and implement a successful social business positioning strategy across a team or an organization.

As part of her offer, Katy provides a variety of coaching and training modules online to support a successful implementation. The programs are customized to clients’ requirements.

The programs allow the participants to develop mindset and skills to become an expert in their field by using online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Slideshare, YouTube, Google+ as well as Pinterest effectively.

Katy provides a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow online guided-study program that empowers the participant to take action and apply the steps needed to get instant results.

The system is structured so that it delivers a unique learning experience through the online delivery of:

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files
  • Videos
  • Analytical questions
  • Personlized guidance and coaching by Katy

The system provides the following opportunities:

  • To challenge comfort zones
  • To explore the social media background
  • To develop insights about self and the ability to embrace social media proactively

The program is also available as a self-study to a lower price point.

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