How Brave Leaders Build Courage Through Daily Action

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One of the things that never fails to intrigue me as an advisor to various types of leaders is their courage to step outside of their comfort zone and stretch themselves little by little on a daily basis. What triggers and small actions make them confident enough to stay on mission, despite setbacks and deviation […]

How to embrace risk when the professional opportunity appears

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First of all, let me start with the end: “…when the professional opportunity appears”. After supporting more than 100 coaching clients over the last 2 years, this is something which often requires further investigation. “What do you mean, I never get any opportunities”, or “There is typically someone else who gets the opportunity”, or “I […]

When you do not know what you want professionally

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Sometimes my clients ask me: “How can I start acting if I don’t know what I want?” This seems like opposing principles until further investigation. When people are facing a professional decision of  LEAP nature, it´s so easy to fall into procrastination mode and start using excuses for not taking action. I should know, I […]

Stop doing, start playing: Gamify your real life challenge!

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Becoming visible online, communicating clearly to the wider network and positioning the personal brand by establishing authority within an area of expertise takes courage and an initial investment in time. Over the last 2 years, I’ve seen colleagues and clients get stuck in limiting thinking patterns when taking on LinkedIn. This pattern is disabling some […]

Are You an Opportunity Magnet?

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To which degree are you attracting opportunities to grow professionally? Are you among those waiting for other people to step forward and ask you to act, or are you positioning yourself towards opportunities on short as well as long term? Today’s social media tools enable us to listen to the market and communicate with potential […]

Time to ask Yourself a powerful question

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As a coach, my role is to ask powerful questions, to challenge and enable my clients to gain insights, learn and make vital decisions in their lives. The answers might be easy at hand…or require a longer period to emerge as a result of our dialogue. One of my most effective questions is: “How do […]

"Name it, then claim it"

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I’m half way through a conference on the topic of internet marketing and sales. It may sound like a traditional event where you get overwhelmed by powerpoint-slides and endless sales attempts from other attendees. This one is different. I’m witnessing fabulous coaching of business owners who are willing to step up, but who need to […]