Mastering the art of saying NO

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It’s just a two letter word, but it remains one of the most difficult words to express to many of us: NO. Do you have difficulties in using it sometimes when you know it is the right word to use? Are you so considerate to others that you wrap your “NO” into various vague arguments […]

Managing your most important professional asset

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  One of my personal inspirational sources, Sir Richard Branson, has stated: “I think reputation is really all you have in life – and that´s something you’ve got to fight to protect”. What are the implications of his quote? First of all, you need to have explicit knowledge about our professional reputation, what it consists of and […]

Bringing the professional ambition back on your schedule

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  When did you last declare your professional ambition loudly to someone else? Or to yourself? Is it a secret well kept, only available during job interviews or performance reviews? Or is it a topic shared only with friends when you discuss missed opportunities? Looking back on my own experiences as an employee and manager, […]

How to embrace risk when the professional opportunity appears

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First of all, let me start with the end: “…when the professional opportunity appears”. After supporting more than 100 coaching clients over the last 2 years, this is something which often requires further investigation. “What do you mean, I never get any opportunities”, or “There is typically someone else who gets the opportunity”, or “I […]

When you do not know what you want professionally

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Sometimes my clients ask me: “How can I start acting if I don’t know what I want?” This seems like opposing principles until further investigation. When people are facing a professional decision of  LEAP nature, it´s so easy to fall into procrastination mode and start using excuses for not taking action. I should know, I […]

"Name it, then claim it"

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I’m half way through a conference on the topic of internet marketing and sales. It may sound like a traditional event where you get overwhelmed by powerpoint-slides and endless sales attempts from other attendees. This one is different. I’m witnessing fabulous coaching of business owners who are willing to step up, but who need to […]

What makes other people remember Your idea among others?

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Just a few days ago, I was invited by a friend to an event hosted by a government sponsored organisation supporting upcoming entrepreneurs. The event marked “the grand finale”  of  a 6 weeks workshop, allowing entrepreneurs to present and sell their ideas to an audience in 5 minutes only, followed by 3 minutes feedback. It […]