Time to ask Yourself a powerful question

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Time to ask Yourself a powerful questionAs a coach, my role is to ask powerful questions, to challenge and enable my clients to gain insights, learn and make vital decisions in their lives.

The answers might be easy at hand…or require a longer period to emerge as a result of our dialogue.

One of my most effective questions is: “How do You want to be perceived by others?”.

This question brings us to the key values and beliefs we live by in our daily lives, consciously and unconsciously.  This provides tremendous insights on which alternatives and decisions You in fact have at hand upon ANY challenge in life.

To many of my clients, the pattern language , the “self-talk”, on what is possible and not has taken precedence unchallenged for a long time. One of my clients recently stated “…I didn’t realize that I had an option to decide differently”.

This week I’m kicking off my very first LifeVille coaching game coaching my players to leverage LinkedIn strategically. This has nothing to do with how to push which button in the tool. It has all to do with mobilizing their network, challenging their visibility comfort zone, building their professional reputation and making a bold decision on how they would like to be perceived, by potential employers, clients and business partners.

Which pattern language is limiting Your opportunities in life?